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I'm Your AI Editor:Ethan

Why Add Ethan on WhatsApp?

By adding AI Editor Ethan on WhatsApp, you'll have a personal video editing assistant at your fingertips. Ethan is designed to streamline your video editing process: send him your video and describe your editing requirements, and he'll work on it, returning a partially edited video via WhatsApp chat. If you're not fully satisfied, Ethan can continue refining the video until you're happy with the result. This interactive process makes editing simpler and more convenient for you.

How to Add Ethan on WhatsApp

To add AI Editor Ethan on WhatsApp, you'll need to scan the QR code. Start by making sure you have a WhatsApp account and the app installed. Open the app, navigate to the settings menu, and click the QR code icon in the upper right corner.Once you're on the QR code page, look for the green "Scan" button at the bottom, then press it. Point your camera at Ethan's QR code to add him as a contact. After that, you can send your videos and editing instructions to Ethan and wait for his response.

One More Thing

Since Chat2VideoEdit is in public beta testing, some video editing tasks are partially completed with human assistance, which might slow down the editing process. Please be patient; your support and patience are vital to help us improve our service and speed.